How to Clean Home Irrigation Sprinkler Heads

Having a home irrigation sprinkler system is very convenient as water is provided to all your plants and lawn at timed intervals. These home irrigation sprinkler systems can save you money in terms of the amount of water they use. However, the sprinkler heads can get clogged with dirt and grime greatly reducing the effectiveness of the entire system and unfortunately the plants can also suffer as they are not provided with the right amount of water. It is easy to clean your home irrigation sprinkler heads to have them working like new again.

Things Required:

– Wire

– Brush

– Pipe Wrench


  • 1

    Remove sprinkler heads:

    Carefully remove the sprinkler heads using your pipe wrench. Once it is off then you can lift the spring head part up and inspect the filter inside. If the filter is clogged then you can easily use the brush or some wire to gently clean it out.

  • 2

    Rinse sprinkler head:

    Take the sprinkler head and the filter and use some water to rinse out any dirt or grime that might be present. You can also use the brush while keeping the sprinkler head underwater and gently scrape it clean.

  • 3

    Inspect water seals:

    Depending on the type of sprinkler heads you should inspect the water seals to make sure that nothing is clogging them up. If you see anything then use the wire to carefully clean it out.

  • 4

    Inspect water hole:

    Carefully inspect the water hole in the sprinkler head to see if anything is blocking it. If you notice anything, take the wire and gently clear out anything from inside.

  • 5

    Replace damaged parts:

    If you notice any broken sprinkler head, water seal or filter then you can easily replace them with new parts. There is no use cleaning a broken part so it is much better to replace it.

  • 6

    Put together:

    Remember to put the filter or water seal back inside the sprinkler head and screw it back together. Gently tighten the sprinkler head back on with your pipe wrench.

  • 7

    Test irrigation system:

    Now turn on your home irrigation system and see the difference that cleaning can make. Always check the water dispersal range to ensure the plants are getting enough water from the sprinkler heads.

  • 8

    Call a professional:

    If you are still having issues with your sprinkler heads then you can always call a professional who can come out and take a look at any issue you might be having. Most probably they will have the proper tools and cleaning experience to get the job done effectively.

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