How to Color In a Coloring Book

Coloring books are full of amusement for kids. These books are extensively used in educating children for many reasons. And the greatest advantage these coloring books have made it possible to make the children learn things they are not inclined to learn. The way little artists fill the coloring book pages with colors not only brings them pleasure but also helps them develop their aesthetics. These books also have some of the most astonishing healing effects. It has been researched that  they help the patients to recover from injuries that effects hand and eye movement synchronization. In addition to this coloring books help to provide mental relaxation as well.

Usually these coloring books contain a couple of some printed art works that require to be filled with colors. There are some coloring books that contain dotted edges on their leaves from where they can be easily torn off in order to be used as a separate sheet. In addition to this some have got a story associated with every image alongside the images in order to make children learn new things. Also there are some other sorts of coloring books which contain other activities like dotted figures mainly to improve the counting skills in children. Many publishing companies also incorporate stickers with the coloring books that could be pasted in different sights so that the children may learn to create stories.


  • 1

    Firstly choose your favorite coloring book that is based on some animated cartoon character. Typically boys favorites are Spiderman, Superman and batman while girls love Barbie, Bratz, Power Puff Girls, Dora and Disney characters.

  • 2

    Now go through your coloring book and select a page that appears to be the most exciting one. Remember to keep the color pencils with you.

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    Once chosen, divide the page into four levels: back ground, top middle and bottom.

    Observe the picture carefully and if there is a background like a sky then start from the top and fill it first.

  • 4

    Next choose another appropriate color from your color box and begin coloring from the top most figure of the page.

  • 5

    When you are finished coloring it, start coloring the middle ones and then the lower ones. Keep on coloring till nothing is left.

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