How to Conduct Qualitative Marketing Research

In order to achieve the organisational goals and objectives, it is very important to gather the knowledge about the market. Marketing research helps in assessing the potential in the market for the products and services of a particular business which eventually assists in creating strategies.

There are the two types of marketing research (Quantitative and Qualitative) which are conducted according to the requirements of the business. In quantitative research, the data is analysed by using inferential statistic techniques while in qualitative research deals with the attitudes, beliefs, opinions and intentions of the people and the data is gathered through in-depth interviews, focus groups or projective techniques. Furthermore, in the qualitative marketing research the data is not analysed statistically.

If you are looking forward to conduct qualitative marketing research for your business, you have to keep in mind few things which have been mentioned here.


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    First of all, you have to decide what it right for your business. Whether you should go for in-depth interviews or focus groups so as to assess the needs and wants of your customers? In-depth interviews are usually more cost effective as compared to the focus groups. However, focus groups provide more profound results as compared to the interviews because the respondents are well aware of what they have to speak about.

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    After deciding the tool for your qualitative marketing research, you have to design it as per your requirement. You don’t have to put so many questions in your survey to gather the response of your customers. You should only keep the necessary questions in your interview to get the precise answers from the respondents. It will also help in analysing your data easily.

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    Then, you have to gather the data for the respondents by entering the field. If you are conducting a research on a large scale, you will have to do extensive field work. Therefore, you must make the necessary plan for it first in order to manage your time well.

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    It is very important for you to prepare the research schedule and budget. The schedule will help you in time management and the budget will assist you to cover everything within you cost limit. However, you can keep a certain level of flexibility in your schedule and cost budget.

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