Guide for Getting Free Stuff from Internet Sites

A friend of mine once told me that you really can’t get anything free off the internet. He said even if you think it is free there is a hidden cost somewhere. I couldn’t convince him, but the truth is you can get free stuff off the internet, no hidden cost involved. You just need to be careful and knowledgeable and you can get lots of free stuff sent right to your door.

There are many sites that can assist you in obtaining your freebies and navigating the internet road that leads you to freebies. A couple of my favorites are and Both sites offer forums where people go and post when they have found a freebie offered on the internet. The forums have rules that help cut down on the likelihood of running across a post that would require any type of purchase. The freebies listed on these sites must be totally free, no money involved, otherwise they must be listed in deals forums, not the freebie forum.

Another avenue in obtaining free stuff from the internet is participating in contests and sweepstakes. There are a couple of great sites for this including and features just that, instant wins. They compile a list of currently running, instant win promotions and games from company websites. They list them in an easy to read and follow format including what types of prizes are available, who is eligible, the expiration date of the promotion, and give you a clickable link to the promotion. Each link also had a discussion area to post what you have won or any questions or tips about the promotion. also has the instant win games listed as well as a huge listing of regular sweepstakes. Enter often and regularly and you will win.

Some examples of items I have received free from various internet sites vary from small, such as samples of products to large such as a $1000 shopping spree from I also won a GPS system valued at $1000 and many, many gift cards. The most valuable products I have received come from the instant win games, but those do take a little patience. If you play every day, without fail, you will eventually win. It’s not only about being lucky; it is also about being persistent.

As a caution, my friend was right in the respect that there are often hidden fees associated with requesting free stuff from internet sites. You will learn from experience to spot the offers that likely have hidden fees right off the bat and this will save you time as you can just skip right over those and go straight to the next offer. Examples of free offers that are really not so free are those offers to get, say a $500 gift card for completing offers. Often you are required to sign up for several offers, often free trials in order to get your gift card. Many of these companies are not reputable and will go ahead and charge you the full membership price which is usually close to one hundred dollars or so. Even if you fight the charge it will remain on your card. These are the types of offers to avoid at all costs.

So, as you can see, it is very possible to obtain free stuff off the internet without investing any money whatsoever. The free items I have received even average out to cover the cost of my internet service for the past several years. It is very fun and addicting and you can obtain free stuff from the internet. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

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