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I search for gigs and all jobs freelance writing on what seems like a 10times a daily habit and have become very keen to the freelance writing job posting world in all its faults and greatness. In other words, it has taken about a year of daily scouring of the web to finally figure out for good which websites suck for freelance writing job listings and which ones are worth spending time sifting through. While there are tons of little sites that I search through during my daily manic hoarding sprees, the following is a list of my four favorites. I chose these based on their reliability in terms of updated information and their quality in terms of thoroughness, diversity and overall lack of junk or advertisements. So here you are�read on and proceed at your own risk. I will not deny that searching for hours on end for good jobs is addicting. But try to take my word for it at least and schedule a life in between job searching.

Writer’s Row

This freelance writing job related blog, by Deborah Ng is, I would have to say, by far the best source of updated freelance job information. It is not only amazingly up to date, but it is thorough and diverse, collaborating links to freelance job postings from apparently all over the web. I do not know what this girl’s secret is but I’d have to think she is quite amazing! For, her devotion to this blog is obvious and being that the sole essence of the site is to assist other freelance writers (even those that might possibly be strong competition for her) in finding jobs and/or projects, her motives are clearly that of a pure nature. I suppose she just figures from a common sense standpoint that the clients seeking help will ultimately choose someone who is best suited for their needs so whoever that is, be it her or someone else, things will work out the same no matter if she introduces people to the job or if the employer goes and finds them his or herself. If that makes senseâÂ?¦But this fact, that she puts all the opportunities she can find out there for anyone to take, is admirable and honorable, for I quite honestly think most people would be tempted to hog the positions themselves. But Deborah apparently is not only a good blogger/writer but also a great self-marketer. I could ascertain just by the contents of the website, the timeliness of her updates and the fact that there really doesn’t seem to be anything but an altruistic motive for having this blog in the first place, that Deborah Ng would be someone who would make not only a great employee but also a very loyal friend. Visit this site and utilize the great links Deborah scours the Internet to provide for all freelance writers to share. This woman deserves a ton of traffic!

Craigslist Job Feed On Freelance

This is probably my second favorite source of finding freelance job gigs and the occasional market that is calling for submissions at the present time. I haven’t yet figured out the whole rhythm of this listing of freelance jobs as it is organized, but from the brief info on the website where it is located, this is a collection of writing jobs and gigs taken from Craigslist and updated twice a day. It has a massive array of killer opportunities with very little junk, or so it seems, but there is a minor problem with it that tends to get on my nerves. As I mentioned before, the organization is a bit confusing and it is problematic because unless you keep all of your temporary internet files in your cache for weeks on end, there is no easy way to track which links you have already been to in the past couple weeks. Therefore, leaving you to very easily retrace your steps, one, and two, end up looking into posts that are very much outdated. As long as you do not clean up your computer files, though, it is a great bunch of link groups the site has for you to go through. It also seems to cover a great deal of Craigslist city sites and not just the real real major ones like San Francisco and New York like so many other link listing sites keep to. And again, as long as you can keep your Internet cache full for a little while, the listings are marked with a little cross out line to show you where you’ve been. This is a very valuable site, as long as you stick to the Craigslist feeds. (Note: Many people will argue that in its entirety is a good place to find job postings, but I personally have a little trouble navigating it to uncover the full list of newly posted ones. Not sure why yet, but what I’m doing on the main career section of this site-the forum- is most certainly not worth the effort.

About Freelance Writing

This website, along with a wide array of resources for writers, contains a very good listing of updated opportunities for freelance writers, editors and related professionals. Set up with links in alternating blue and black for an easy scroll-through, About Freelance Writing is well organized and probably very close in the thoroughness factor to Deborah Ng’s Writer’s Row Blog. I’d put it head to head with Writer’s Row, for it seems to be an ongoing collection of links gathered by someone equally as loyal to the freelancing trade and to the freelance writer community as Miss Ng, but I am pretty sure this particular site is not updated by the day. I want to say somewhere that I read it was maintained with new links every Tuesday and Friday, but I am not positive on that fact. I do know, though that it is updated less frequently than the other sites, which is not to say the information is stale, for whoever does the site is great about keeping the list a fresh and quality one on the biweekly days he or she does manage it, but for the sake of ranking order, and the simple fact that the readability factor of this article must cater to the traditional up to down thinker, (haha), I am forced to put this only third. Do not let that mislead you though, this website should not be skipped over during your freelance job search.

The Freelance Hub

This website is full of information and if you are patient enough to flip through the endless pages of listings, you will find it. I love this website because along with the main list of freelance job opportunities, there is a nice long list of more categorized links off to the side, where you can search for your freelancing opportunities based on the type of writing the specific jobs so require. For instance, there are hundreds of links to subject areas such as Marketing, Public Relations, Web Design, Technical, Business, Advertising, Translator, etc. This colorful site is also pleasant to the eyes. The only thing that sometimes sets me back when searching on this Freelance Hub is the fact that next to every position is stated clearly a city and state. While many freelance job employers are not looking for people to work on-site, but rather, from their home, telecommuting, this very specific allusion to particularly defined locations, even if the information is simply to show where the person posting it is from, tends to throw me off just due to natural human reaction I guess. This is most likely just a personal problem that I need to learn how to get over, but I thought I’d mention it anyway. Anyway, overall this site is pretty decent.

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