How to Connect a Monitor to Your Laptop

People working at any level try to increase only one thing, i.e. their productivity and working on dual display systems is one such effort mostly observed at designers and programmers’ tables. In some cases it might be requirement of the project and sometime it is just for convenience.

Well, whatever the reason it it, most of us are unable to buy dual display systems due to just any reason. But do not worry if you own a laptop; you can enjoy experience of dual display systems in the way that you can connect your monitor to your laptop to use it as a secondary display. So, let’s see how you can do this.


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    Connect the Monitor

    To connect your monitor to the laptop, look for the jack that connects the monitor. That jack is mostly used for connections projectors, but there is issue in connecting your monitor there. As you plug in the cable in the jack and turn on your monitor you will be able to see your desktop on monitor. But, you have to make some changes in settings to separate the monitor duplicate display, as you will see the same display on both the screens.

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    Fix Settings

    Currently, I am using windows 7 and most of the people have also upgraded to this windows. So, I will tell you about setting external monitor as secondary display while using windows 7

    Right click anywhere on your desktop and select “Screen Resolution” (for windows XP users select properties and then go to settings). A window will pop up like given below if you have plugged in secondary monitor.

    Now, the first thing you have to recognize is the display. Your laptop screen will be the first and external monitor will be second by default. If you are still unable to recognize just click the identify button to know what number is given to both the displays.

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    Advanced Settings

    Now, go down to “Multiple displays” and from the options select “Extend these displays option”. In start you might have to face certain problems, when I used it all my desktop icons and start button were shifted to the secondary display. To get these icons back, simply go to Advanced Settings and click on 1 to set it as the main display, as you hit the click you will get all your icons and start button back to your laptop screen.

    I think it is quite simple for all of you to track these steps and if you get succeeded, you can enjoy your dual screen system.

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