How to Troubleshoot Power Problems With a Vaio Laptop

Just like any other brand of laptops, Sony Vaio laptops tend to develop different kind of problems after they have been used for a very long time. The issues can range from power to hard driver to optical drives and so on. These issues can become quite problematic for the users. Problems with the power of a Sony Vaio laptop are quite common. Fortunately, there are certain measures can be taken in order to reduce the power problems to a certain extent. Here is what you need to do to troubleshoot problems with your Sony Vaio laptop.


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    If you have been using your laptop for four years or more, consider getting the old battery replaced. Look for a green glowing light on the laptop’s power adapter. If you do not see the glowing light, it is the power adapter that needs to be replaced. You can purchase either or both of these accessories online or at a local ‘Sony Style’ store.

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    The power problem you are facing with your laptop might be caused due to constant power fluctuation. In such a case, the best to protect your laptop is to use a surge protector, an electrical device which ensures that your laptop gets a non-fluctuating supply of power.

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    Changing the ‘Power Scheme’ of your laptop may solve the problem considerably. Look for a battery icon in the bottom right corner of the laptop screen and click it. For Windows Vista and 7, choose ‘Balanced’. However, if your laptop uses Windows XP as the operating system, you will first click ‘Power Scheme’ and choose the best set of power options for your laptop depending on how much you use the laptop and similar factors.

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    Reducing the screen’s brightness can help conserve battery power, eventually reducing any power problems that you me be facing. To dim the screen, simply press the ‘Fn’ key and hold it down. Press the ‘F5’ button several times until the brightness of the screen is considerably low.

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    If none of these fixes seem to work, make sure that you do not try anything else at your own. Instead, just take the problematic laptop to a ‘Sony Style’ store. You can claim the manufacturer’s warranty for getting the laptop repaired. If the warranty has already expired, you will have to pay a certain fee to get your laptop fixed at the repair store.

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