How To Import Pictures on a Macbook From a Jump Drive

MacBook are one the most widely used computers around the world. They work on Apple OS X and are very popular because of their unique design and useful built-in features. MacBook has a software ‘iPhoto’ which manages your photos in the computer. iPhoto instructs you through the procedure of locating and importing photos from your device to your PC. Furthermore, it helps in importing images from your USB jump drive to your computer and place them in specific folders as per your requirements. You can either import all the photos from your jump drive or you can only import selected ones.


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    First of all, you have to plug in your USB jump drive in the USB port of your MacBook. When you will connect your USB, your computer will automatically detect it.

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    Now, you have to open iPhoto on your MacBook. Just click on the icon ‘iPhoto’ which is displayed at the bottom of your home screen.

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    Then, select the option ‘Import to Library’ by going to ‘File’ menu which is given at the upper left corner of your screen.

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    You will see the list of drives on the left side of your screen. The list contains the default drives of your MacBook as well as any other external hard drives which you may have connected. Select the USB jump drive from which you want to copy images. You will have to select the photos which you want to import to your MacBook by holding ‘Command’. You can select multiple photos or folders to import. However, if you will not select any particular images to copy, all the files will be import to your MacBook through the iPhoto software.

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    The transfer will take a little time to complete, depending upon the size of your files.

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    After importing the pictures on your MacBook, you can remove your USB jump drive by simply ejecting it. Don’t remove it directly from your computer as it may cause damage to the files which are copied in it.

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