How to Connect an Android to Outlook

Android Market has a number of applications which you can use to connect your phone to Microsoft Outlook. It is up to you to decide that whether you want to buy the app or just want to download a free one. If you will buy the app, it will give you the options of synchronizing your contacts, emails and calendar events with the Microsoft Outlook.

You can use your Gmail account to log on to the Android Market to get the application which is compatible with the model of your Android phone.


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    First, go to your Android phone’s home screen and tap on the icon of Android Market. Then, tap on the hyperlink of Gmail and after entering your account details, tap the ‘Sign In’ button. You have successfully logged on to the Android Market. Now, type ‘Outlook Sync’ in the search bar which is nearly at the top of the screen. After writing the keyword, tap the magnifying glass button displayed just at the end of the search bar.

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    Now, scroll down the page to find the application that you want to download. You can look for applications such as Outlook Reflex, Android Sync Manager and HTC Sync Manager which you can use for connecting your Android phone to Outlook. Furthermore, if you want to buy an application from Android Market, please make sure that you have a credit card and the required information which will be needed to complete the transaction.

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    After finding the application, you will have to tap the ‘Install’ button. Then, tap the ‘OK’ button in order to confirm that you want to download the app on your Android phone.

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    Tap on the icon of Outlook sync which you have just installed on your Android phone. You have to keep in mind that the user guidelines for different types of Outlook synchronization software may vary for Android phones.

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    After reading the instructions, tap on the ‘Sync Settings’ button.  There will be various check boxes next to each item such as contacts and calendar events which you may tick to sync with your phone as per your requirements. Don’t forget to tap the ‘Save’ button after you are done with checking the boxes.

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    Now go back to the ‘Home’ screen and select ‘Menu’. Then, select ‘Settings’ and ‘Applications’, and afterwards select the check box next to ‘USB Debugging’ so as to enable the option.

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    Please close the Microsoft Outlook on your Android phone. Make sure that the application is not open and running on your PC. Now, plug the Android phone’s USB cable into the USB port of your computer. The Windows will detect the device automatically. Then, click on the ‘Synchronize Now’ button.

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    The synchronization process may take a little time. After the process is completed, unplug the phone from your PC.

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