How to Connect the Lenovo to the TV

There are occasions where you find it necessary to connect your Lenovo laptop to a TV. Whether you like to watch a movie on your HD or 3D television, or want to show a multimedia presentation to a group of people, you might have to connect your laptop for that purpose. Although Lenovo laptops have crystal clear LCD display, the delight of watching a movie on a 50” flat screen HD television is not comparable to it. Moreover, a TV can serve as a multimedia projector when connected to a laptop and you can exhibit any sort of presentation on big screen.


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    First of all, you have to examine that whether your television has HDMI input jacket or not. Modern day televisions have this jacket in them by default and it is extremely easy to connect them to Lenovo laptops which also have a build in HDMI port. However, if your television does not have this jacket within it, other adapters and cables are to be used to connect it to your Lenovo.

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    Turn on your HDMI-enabled television and also your Lenovo laptop. Take the HDMI cable and affix its one end to the port present in the Lenovo laptop and the other end to the one present in your TV. Lenovo’s all IdeaPad series laptops have these ports within them and you can find it easily at the back of them.

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    If your Lenovo laptop does not have this HDMI port (ThinkPad series laptops of Lenovo does not support this port), then you have to arrange for a USB-to-HDMI adapter. You will plug the USB to your Lenovo laptop and the HDMI cable coming out of the adapter to your television.

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    Once the adapter is connected and the HDMI connection is made, all you need to do is to press FN and F7 buttons on your laptop’s keyboard. It will automatically switch your laptop’s display to the television and you can easily use it as a monitor. Use your Lenovo’s DVD drive to watch movies on your television.

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    If your television doesn’t support the HDMI cable, take a S-video cable and attach its ends to the television and Lenovo laptop while they are still turned off.

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    Also plug the audio cables to your TV and Laptop. Turn on both appliances simultaneously.

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    When your laptop boots up, right click on the desktop and select ‘Properties’ options.

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    You will see ‘Settings’ tab there. Click it and then hit the ‘Advanced’ tab.

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    Click on the ‘ATI Displays’ or ‘Display Device’ options appearing in the advanced settings.

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    Select ‘TV’ or ‘LCD’ options appearing there and then click ‘Apply’. A confirmation window will prompt and you have to click ‘Yes’ to conclude the process.

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    If your display doesn’t appear on the TV screen, press FN and F7 button, which will display the external screen.

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