How to Load Opera Mini from a Mac

Opera Mini is a small version of Opera web browsers, meant for use of the internet on mobile phone handsets. You can easily download the mini version of Opera browser directly on your handset and start accessing internet through it. However, if you do not have an access to the internet on your mobile phone, you can download browser from Mac, and the process is similar to downloading the browser from a PC. Being made to operate on multiple operating systems, Opera Mini can be downloaded from any computer.


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    Access of Opera Website

    Directly open Opera's official website to download the mini browser. From its resource section find the download tab and the click on it by placing mouse cursor. You may be tempted to download the mini browser from other websites, but it is always better to get it done from the official website.

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    Selection of Handset Manufacture

    Clicking on the download button in the resources section of Opera Mini will take you to the names of mobile handset manufacturers on the left side of the window. You should select the name of your manufacturer from the list i.e. Samsung or Nokia.

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    Selection of Phone Model

    Once you have selected the manufacturer of your mobile phone handset, you will be asked to select the model of your phone. Without determining the manufacturer and model of the phone, Opera Mini will not allow you to download the browser.

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    After you are done with selection of the manufacturer and model, click on the download button to start downloading the browser from your Mac. It can take a while so be patient.

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    Transfer to Your Phone

    Plug in the cable generally referred as data cable that comes with your mobile phone handset with your Mac and one end with your handset. Mac will transfer the Opera Mini file into memory of your phone. Unplug the phone and open Opera Mini file from your memory to install the browser on your handset.

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    Access Browser

    You should open the browser on your mobile phone handset soon after its installation to see if it works properly. It can sometimes face a technical glitch and in that case you can download it again. Also, once you access the internet on the browser, you should be able to know you do not face any problem in browsing and surfing.

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