How to Install an Operating System on a Netbook

Netbooks usually don’t come with a CD or DVD writer so it is difficult to install an operating system on them. In other cases, you can just buy a DVD of an operating system and get on with the task of installing an operating system but that technique can’t work in Netbook. If for instance you have installed a DVD writer in the Netbook than you can just buy the DVD and install the operating system otherwise you will have to follow the following tutorial in order to successfully install an operating system in your Netbook.


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    Buy a big enough USB that can consume a setup of an operating system. Window 7 usually takes around 7 GB disk space so your USB should be at least of 8 GB to successfully copy the setup of the operating system. However, the size varies considerably if you move to the older versions of the operating system. Moreover, you can also install Linux or Mac depending on your Netbook depending on your choice and liking. Look online for the USB costs; it is usually around $25-$30 for an eight GB USB flash drive. Make sure it works properly and doesn’t contain any viruses. I would recommend you to buy a new USB so that you don’t have to face any problems.

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    Know the specifications of your netbook. You can choose software of your liking but it might not be compatible with the netbook you have as the minimum requirements can’t be met. So, understand your netbook specifications and then go for the operating system selection.

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    Decide which operating system you want to install. Latest operating system in the market that is vastly used is Windows 7 but the beta version of Windows 8 is also available. However, you should go for Windows 7 as it is tried and tested. All softwares will work on that without much difficulty.

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    Make your flash drive bootable. Software is to be downloaded to make a USB drive bootable. Download and install it.

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    Copy the setup of the operating system to the flash drive and make sure no other file is copied that can be a virus because if the installation is halted in the middle, it will be immensely difficult for you to format it without any operating system.

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    Install the operating system and restart your computer when you are done.

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