How to Check Your HP Laptop Warranty Status

Whenever a consumer about to buy a product, one of the many things he considers before making the purchase is the warranty provided by the manufacturer or the shop from where he is buying the product. This is something of great importance as the warranty can save the consumer a lot of money by covering the costs of repairs and replacements of part in case the product has a problem or stops working entirely.

If you are using a HP laptop and are interested in knowing the current status of the product’s warranty, you can conveniently find it out using the warranty status checker tool available on the company’s official website.


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    The first thing you need to do is to turn your HP Laptop over and look for the Service Tag sticker affixed on its base. Locate the serial number as well as the product number of your product.  The two numbers can also be located on the Universal Product Code (UPC) sticker. Note down the two numbers on a piece of paper as you will have trouble memorising them.

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    After you have noted down the two numbers, open the web browser installed on your laptop and visit the official site of HP. If you have trouble remembering the URL of the company’s official website, simply open the Google search engine, type HP in the search field and press “Enter.” The very first link in the search results will take you to the HP website.

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    Once you have reached the company’s official website, look for the “Support and Drivers” tab and click it. It is typically located at the top of the screen. If you have trouble locating it, simply use the search feature available on the website to look it up.

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    After you reach the “Support and Drivers” section, scan the page for the “Resources” section. You will find “Commercial Warranty” in the “Resources” section. Click it once you locate it to access the warranty information page.

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    Do you come across yet another long list of laptops and notebooks that HP has manufactured. Look up the model of your laptop, or simply use the search box on right to find your product by entering the product name or number directly.

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    Locate the “Expiration dates of a warranty” and click “Check the warranty expiration dates for one or more products” to get to the “Warranty Lookup” page.

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    Provide the serial number and product number of your laptop. The product number you enter should have a format similar to “68900-999, DJ656A#ABA, or D7988T."

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    Select the country or region where you purchased your laptop from. Scroll down and click the “Display Warranty Information” button.

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