How to Get Wireless Capabilities on Your Laptop

Laptops are gaining in popularity as compared with conventional desktop computers. This is mainly due to their mobility, compact size and ease of operation. Most laptops have built-in devices to work with Wi-Fi networks as this allows you to connect to the internet, without using cables.

In today’s world, most people are moving away from cables and other inconveniences caused by wired internet. This is not surprising knowing that you can freely work regardless of sitting at a specific place. Nearly all Internet Service Provider (ISP’s) provide wireless internet.

Laptops are designed to work with wireless networks given the needs of the respective users in this modern world. Virtually every laptop has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter that is needed to connect to specific networks. These devices are used to connect to wireless networks, created with an access point or another laptop.


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    Turn on your laptop and wait for the operating system to respond. Turn on the internal Wi-Fi adapter. To do this, press “Wi-Fi” key. If the wireless adapter in your system is disabled, there are plenty of other ways to turn it on.

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    Click on the Win key to open the menu "Start". Right-click at “Computer” tab and then select "Properties". Go to Device Manager by selecting the appropriate item in the left side of the working window.

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    Expand the sub-menu "Network Adapters" and right-click on the name of the desired Wi-Fi module. Select "Enable". Write down the model of the wireless adapter in order to find it easily next time around.

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    There are specific internet websites from where you can download the drivers for the Wi-Fi module after entering the model of your laptop and select the operating system that is installed at the moment.

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    Open Device Manager and go to properties “Wi-Fi adapter”. Select the tab "Driver" and then click "Update." Enter the path to the download archive. Restart the computer after installing the drivers for the Wi-Fi module.

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    Wait for the operating system and open the Network and Sharing Center. Go to "Manage wireless networks". Click "Add" and select the type of network you want to connect.

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    Fill Open Table. Be sure to correctly enter all the parameters, otherwise the laptop will be unable to connect to the selected wireless access point. Check the box next to "Save Settings" and click "Next." Wait for the installation to an access point. Check the efficiency of the network by opening a local resource or web-page.

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