How to Lock Your Mac after Closing

Privacy is really an issue in this era of science and technology. Locking your cupboard is vital, but putting a password on your computer is perhaps even more important these days.

If you are using computer at the office, it is important to lock the screen before leaving your desk even for a little while. It is not a tough task to do. If you have set a password on your Mac, others will find it hard to snoop around your personal or official files.

In order to prevent unauthorized access, you must quickly set a password on your computer. This matter cannot be taken lightly, if even you are using the computer at home. The kids may destroy your entire work by giving a command unintentionally.

Once you have successfully enabled the security feature, a password would be required to access your computer. No one can start your computer, if he does not have the correct username and password. By using the computer’s Security and Privacy tool, set your Apple machine to an automatic lock.


  • 1

    Click the Apple button to launch the menu. Enter the ‘System Preferences’ by using the drop-down menu.

  • 2

    After selecting the System Preferences, you need to click ‘Security and Privacy’.

  • 3

    You will find many taps in this option, but focus only on ‘General’.

  • 4

    After clicking the ‘General’ tab, select the check box that says ‘Require Password’. There are a few things you need to keep in mind at this stage.

    In order to lock the Mac as soon as you close it, select ‘Immediately’ from the pull-down options. If you are interested in setting password only for start-up, ignore the other options.

    One can also set password for waking up from sleep, and even screen saver. If you are interested in such options, select ‘After Sleep or Screen Saver Begins’. Don’t forget to set the lock delay time from the pull-down menu.

  • 5

    Now, it is the time to click ‘Disable Automatic Login’. One can also use a message as password hint. Type the message in the input field, and it will appear on the locked screen.

  • 6

    In order to make things more secure, click the padlock button that is at the bottom of the window. This option will prevent others from seeing your privacy and will secure the settings.

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