How to Play Rock Band Drums on PC

Just at the moment at which Rock Band was released in the market, enthusiastic gamers went to work in order to come up with a hack that could be used to play Rock Band drums on their PCs. As was expected, this did not take too long and gamers were successful. Microsoft did not try to counter the gamers and themselves released a driver which could be used to control ox 360 and compatible controllers with Windows, thus making the hack unnecessary. Here is how you can play Rock Band drums on your PC.


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    Go to the official website of Microsoft Download Center and search for Xinput driver for Microsoft Common Controller. Download the driver and install it on your PC. The Xinput driver enables your PC on which any version of Windows operating system is running to control Xbox 360 controllers or any game controller.

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    Drum Machine is a computer programme designed to control Rock Band drums from your PC. Download and install it on your computer. In order to play your Rock Band drums as if you were playing a real drum set, your PC should be running Windows XP or a later version of Windows and should have a sound card installed.

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    Make a connection between your computer and the Rock Band drums. Accomplish this by inserting the USB end of the cord into a free USB port on your computer. Windows will detect the Rock Band drums and search for the appropriate software. Since you have already installed the Xinput driver on your PC, windows will recognise the Rock Band drums as if a game controller was attached to the PC.

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    Launch Drum Machine by double clicking on the shortcut icon placed on your desktop. On the Drum Machine window, you will see an image of the Rock Band drums. Click the button labelled ‘Free Play’. You have the option to either play the drums manually or you point to Drum Machine menu and load a default preset.

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    You can now play the Rock Band drums on your PC as if you were playing a real set.

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