How to Add and Delete Printers on Macbook

Mac OS X provides you the opportunity to manage your printers easily. Mac OS X contains a list of printers developed by different companies and therefore makes really easy for you to add or remove the printers from your MacBook.

You can easily access the complete list of the printers from the Print & Fax utility, which will allow you to add a new printer to the system, or remove the one that you no longer plan to use in future. Right after you update the list of printers, it automatically changes the Print utility windows that appear in the related applications on the MacBook. Therefore, if you use MacBook which has Mac OS X installed in it, then you have reached the right place, where you can learn about the straightforward way of adding and removing printers from the ‘Printers list’.


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    Usually, the printers come with Universal Bus Controller (USB) ports to connect to the computers. Use the USB cable to connect your printer with the MacBook.

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    In the menu bar appearing on the top of the desktop, click the “Apple” icon, which will open a drop-down menu. Click the "System Preferences" from the menu. You will now see a new window appearing on your screen.

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    In the system preferences window, locate the "Print & Fax" and click on it. Also, click the “+” button appearing on the left side of the window. This will open the ‘Add Printer’ window on the screen. You can now add the printer that you just connected with your MacBook.

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    From the list of printers appearing in front of you, select the printer which is connected with your MacBook. In the “Name” box, type the name of the printer, such as its brand name and model number. In the “Location” box, enter the location of the printer. You can then select the type of your printer, using the drop-down box.

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    To complete adding the new printer, click the “Add” button. If the operating system asks you for the installation disk, you should insert the disk that came with your printer, into the optical drive. Follow the directions to install the driver and software for your printer, as directed in your installation guide. Click “Finish” when you are done with installing the driver. Your new printer will now appear in the ‘Print & Fax’ list.

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    If you want to delete the printer that you no longer plan to use, open the system preferences window and click the "Print & Fax" icon. A list of installed printers will appear on the left side of the window. Click on your desired printer and then click the “-” button that appears on the bottom of the list. Click “Yes” to confirm the deletion of the printer from the Print & Fax list.

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