How to Activate Bluetooth on a Laptop Computer

Bluetooth is one of the most widely used software in the entire computer and mobile industry these days and since the past few years either. The introduction of Bluetooth technology took the world by storm and since then the technique has even flourished after making gradual adjustments and betterments in the technology. A Bluetooth device is now also available in laptops and some users experience problems in activating the Bluetooth software on their laptop. The common steps on the matter are listed below that will guide through the process.


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    A Bluetooth technology is used to transfer data of almost all sorts from one electrical device to another. The technology has very simple basics. Bluetooth settings need to be installed in both the devices that are sharing the data. After this one should ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on both the devices. This often goes by the option of “turn on Bluetooth”. The first step hence on the matter is to look for a Bluetooth light status on the front or the side of your laptop. This light may be labelled in two patterns. Either it has Bluetooth written underneath it or it will be carrying a sign of Bluetooth upon it.

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    The next step is to switch the Bluetooth on. This can be done easily. A person should just touch the button of Bluetooth that is available on your laptop. This can be done in another manner as well as there are options to turn on the Bluetooth from the desktop menu as well. These settings can be found at the lower right bottom of your screen and you can access them easily. Click on the Bluetooth icon and then turn the settings to on and activate the Bluetooth.

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    Now locate the wireless switch on the front side of your laptop. This may also be located in two places. It may be placed at the front side or at the side edge of the laptop. It totally depends on the type of laptop that you have. These places of buttons are totally dependent on the type of company that you are using and vary from company to company. Just turn this button on.

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    Another option is to use a Bluetooth USB device. This is a device that can be attached to a laptop via the USB port and enables Bluetooth connection on a laptop.

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    Finally, click the Bluetooth icon in the windows 7 notifications bars if you are using these windows. This action will also enable these settings.

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