How to Find the Unrated Versions of CDs

Regular or rated versions of the movies usually do not contain all the scenes, which were originally created by the producers. In the other words, regular versions are the ones that are shown in the theatres. On the other hand, if you want to see the unrated version of the movies, with all the excluded scenes included, then you will have to look for the unrated versions of the CDs.

You can purchase or rent the unrated versions from the market, or you can also order them online, depending on your preference. The only need is to find the perfect spot where you can purchase them easily.


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    You can visit a nearby CD and DVD store and ask the storekeeper about the shelf where you can find the unrated versions of the movies. In some cases, you will find the unrated versions displayed right against the rated versions.

    On the contrary, many store managers try to keep them in a separate shelf. Just look for your favourite movie and check if the unrated version is available in the store. You can also ask the storekeeper to help you in finding the CD of your choice.

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    If you do not find your desired unrated CD from the store, then you can also purchase it online. Look for different Internet Movie Database websites available online.

    For this purpose, you can use your favourite search engine. When you open Internet Movie Database website, enter the name of the movie, which you want to purchase, in the search box, and hit Enter key on your keyboard.

    Open the movie page, and look for the "Alternate Versions" link. Click on it, and look for the unrated version of your desired movie. If it is available, you can purchase the unrated CD, from the link provided on the page.

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    You can also look for the unrated version at any CD or DVD website, such as IGN Entertainment websites. Just enter the name of the movie which you need, or you can narrow your search by adding “Unrated” at the end of the movie name, and hit Enter key on your keyboard.

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    You can also post your request on any of the related forum. You can post a question regarding your required CD, and people will respond by telling you the locations from where you can get it.

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