Difference Between Laptop and Netbook

Laptop and netbook have a number of differences that affect their appearance, ease of use, performance etc. Understanding the difference between these devices is important before buying any machine.

Laptops and netbook differ primarily in size. Diagonal screen netbook is usually no more than 11 inches while the laptop can have a diagonal size starting from 15, 17, and 19 inches or even more. If the user wants a portable and small-sized machine, he should look for netbook. However, this machine possesses its own advantage and disadvantage like any other machine. On the one hand, netbook have a relatively small mass, which makes them more comfortable and mobile, and a large bag is not needed to transport them while traveling.


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    On the other hand, the small screen severely limits opportunities. In particular, they could not be used to watch movies and work with images, tables, etc. A netbook is not too convenient to write documents and excel sheets. Laptop has a clear advantage over the netbook in this regard as it facilitates the users to do with ease of sight i.e. why all the companies buy laptops for their employees. It’s worth noting that the small size effect on the keyboard as well and the user may experience some difficulty in typing anything or finding a specific object. Some people find it easy to press small keys, but there are few people who prefer this module. That is why it is better to choose a laptop with a gigantic keyboard.

    The netbook, meanwhile, lacks an optical drive. The technical specification or price may attract the customer but the size and lack of disk drive makes it a less favourable option for novice users. Laptops usually have a more powerful processor and graphics card, which make them convenient for working with graphic editors. Also, netbook has lower quality sound and possess less memory.

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    Laptop is an integral part of the working class and this latest technology is revolutionizing the modern era with ease of use and making life easy for business people. Nobody had ever imagined that people will be using micro computers on their palm. Modern technologies allows people to use the Internet using a laptop or notebook after using a variety of methods, such as, 3G-modem, access point Wi-Fi.

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    Netbook are unique from their own perspective. Despite being too thin and weightless, they can be carried with ease and can produce good battery time.

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