How to Control Pollution in Our Locality

The world has progressed immensely over the last couple of centuries and today we enjoy a number of facilities which have made our lives extremely convenient. However, there is a massive price that we have to pay for this ease as new innovations have led to the world getting more polluted with each passing day. As a result, health levels all around the world have dropped, with all kinds of pollution on the rise. Ensuring a safe living environment for citizens is among the top priorities of governments all around the world. However, as responsible citizens of our countries and as inhabitants of this earth, we must also play our due role at the community level to help prevent pollution.


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    In order to control pollution in your area, you must focus on improving contacts between the local and the regional authorities. Without teamwork and improved communication between the officials, it would be extremely hard to control pollution at a personal level. If you are living in the United States of America, you can contact the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in order to get all the information and seek their help to eradicate pollution in your locality.

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    Create awareness

    If you want to take the initiative about controlling pollution in your locality, the first and most important step is to create awareness among its residents. If the people of your locality are informed and educated, chances are high that the level of pollution would automatically come down.

    In order to create awareness among the masses, you can print pamphlets, which can be distributed with the help of a local newspaper agency. Apart from that, you may broadcast public service messages on a local radio station.

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    Voluntary programs

    In order to control pollution in your locality, you should initiate a voluntary program. Build a team of volunteers and focus on avoiding the creation of pollutants, instead of trying to manage the existing pollution. EPA helps and supports every program that works on eliminating waste and pollutants.

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    If you are living in an industrial area

    If you are living in an industrial area, you have a greater chance of witnessing pollution in your locality. If you think that a factory is not following the guidelines provided by the government, you must complain to the Industrial Pollution and Radiochemical Inspectorate (IPRI).

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