How to Convert Analog CCTV to IP

Since IP technology in the field of video monitoring is much more advanced than CCTV technology, you may want to convert you CCTV cameras to IP cameras. Although it sounds like a difficult task, in reality it is something that you can accomplish fairly easily.

All you will need is an analogue-to-IP converter, so that you can make your CCTV cameras to send live video feeds over the internet. Apart from the analogue-to-IP converter, you will need to install an IP surveillance application on your computer to successfully accomplish this task.


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    Make a connection between CCTV camera and the analogue-to-IP converter. There will be a number of open converter ports on the analogue-to-IP converter. Insert the BNC connector of the CCTV camera’s coaxial cable into one of these open converter ports. Repeat this step for all CCTV cameras installed in and around your premises.

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    Now, you need to make a connection between the converter and the router. Simply insert one end of an Ethernet cable in an open port in the router and the other end is an open port of the converter. Later on when you turn on the converter, the router will assign it an automatic IP address.

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    Access the admin console of your router, by simply entering the router’s IP address in a web browser. Before you can land on the administration page, you will have to provide the username and password. Enter the required information.

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    Browse to the section, where you can see all the devices connected to the router. Against each device, that device’s IP address will be listed. Note down the IP address of the analogue-to-IP converter.

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    Install the IP surveillance application that came along with the converter on your computer. You can also download IP surveillance programme from the internet. Some of the surveillance programmes available for free downloading are SoftDVR Pro, NVR IP Surveillance Software and iSpy.

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    Enter the converter’s IP address in the address bar of your Internet Explorer window to receive live video feed from the CCTV cameras. You can access the converter using its IP address from anywhere in the world.

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