How to Properly Clean a Camera Lens

Cleaning a camera lens requires a lot of care, as it tends to be very fragile. A camera lens needs to be cleaned from time to time in order to get the best result from your camera. Like all other parts of machinery, the lens needs to be cleaned too. However, the mechanism tends to vary from camera to camera. There are two types of lenses in camera. Ones are detachable ones, while others are fixed lenses like those we see in digital cameras. The detachable lenses are required to be cleaned very carefully as they’re quite fragile and the slightest of damage can affect their performance.


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    If you have a DSLR or a camera that has a detachable lens then remove the lens from the camera of the body so that it can be cleaned separately. In this case, the camera body has to be cleaned separately as well as the lens, so that no dust particles remain between them.

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    Use a soft linen cloth to wipe the surface of the lens. Make sure that you don’t apply too much pressure on the surface of the lens as it’s very fragile. Clean the lens with clockwise movement and then with counter-clockwise movement.

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    If your lens is not detachable from the camera then you can use the piece of cloth to clean the camera body. You can clean the camera body using one cloth. However, you’ll have to use another piece of cloth for cleaning the lens as you need a clean cloth to do so.

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    Use a blow dryer to remove any dust particles from the inaccessible part of the lens. Ensure that you keep the blow dryer to a certain distance while blowing the dust off the lens, so that the heat doesn’t cause any damage to the lens.

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    Once you’re done with the cleaning you can also use a solution for wiping the lens clean. Don’t use water or any other liquid for applying on the lens. Instead buy the lens cleansing solution from a nearby store. If you haven’t done it before, ask a professional or a friend who has done that before so that you don’t create a mess. It’s essential to be familiar with the proper technique for applying the solution on the lens surface due to its fragility. Use a dropper to apply the solution on the surface, instead of just pouring it on them.

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