How to Build a Computer for CCTV Surveillance

If you plan install a CCTV (closed circuit TV) surveillance systems and do not have budget to pay for high costs involved, then you can consider developing a computer system which you can for the surveillance purpose. For this, you will need to a computer, USB camera and a software program, and turn your computer into a powerful CCTV system.

You can configure the custom built surveillance system according to your needs and requirements. Also, you can use advanced features such as motion detection, by using some modern software.


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    Purchase a computer that you will use to record and manage CTV feeds. You do not need a powerful computer. In fact, you should buy a second hand computer, and save your money. It can be any model from the last 10 years.

    You should install a hard drive with good space, so that you can record and save more videos from the camera. Also, if you want to manage the CCTV feeds remotely, then you will need to connect your computer with a good broadband connection.

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    Decide a location where you will place your computer. Make sure you put it in a safe place, where no one can notice it. If the computer is easily accessible,  the intruder will easily locate and destroy it. As a result, you will lose all your evidence. You should ideally place it near your camera to reduce the wiring cost.

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    Connect the USB camera with your computer. You can also connect different cameras with your computer, if your software supports it. Moreover, you will have to use USB hub in order to connect more than one camera.

    You can use regular USB webcams for the surveillance purpose. Use USB extension cables with length up to 16.5 feet to connect your camera with computer. If you want to increase the length, then you will have to use a USB signal booster.

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    Configure the camera settings using your software and you are ready to start recording videos from the standard USB camera.

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