How to Set Up a Groundhog Camera

A Groundhog Camera is a camera setup that is designed to capture animals’ activity over a certain period of time in a certain area with the help of sensors. One can use this setup to capture the behaviours or activities of animals without the risk of scaring them away from that specific area.

Things Required:

– Camera or Camcorder
– Field Sensors
– Radio Frequency controller Board
– Wireless connection or control module


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    One will have to purchase the required equipment in order to use Groundhog Camera setup. Install the wireless sensors in the specific area, where you need to document the activities of animals. A wireless control module, which will emit the wireless signals, should be placed in the specified area as well according to do surveillance of that specified area. The last but not the least, a camera is installed to capture the activities of the targeted animals. Do check the blind spots, as it will ruin all your efforts to document the precious animals’ activities.

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    Make sure that the camera you are installing will safely remain in its place, and also make sure that you protect your placed camera from weather conditions.

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    Now hook up the radio frequency controller board and the wireless control module with each other as per the instructions over each unit. There are some equipment that are needed to be installed near the camera for perfect results, which will also limit your options of capturing the moments as you will then have to find a power outlet as well for that unit. In order to avoid such limitations, purchase wireless units.

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    Now test the camera for accuracy and its range after you have done installing all the equipment. In addition, one must test the camera in all conditions to check about its limitations, and also to check whether it works perfectly with light and without sufficient light as well.

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