Samsung Ex2f’s F/1.4-2.7, 24-79mm Lens Is the Jewel in the Crown

The F/1.4 aperture lens in the latest Samsungs EX2F is a crucial weapon against its competitors. The amazing features of this camera were disclosed to the market on the 3rd of July 2012.

In the family of Samsung’s Smart cameras, EX2F has placed itself on an eminent position. It is going to prove as a tough competition for not only Sony Cyber-shot RX100, but for Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5, Canon PowerShot S100, Fujifilm X10, Olympus XZ-1 and Nikon Coolpix P7100 as well.

After analyzing the latest models of 2012, it has been seen that along the point and shoot shores; the size of the sensors have been increasing like in Canon PowerShot G1X, Sony Cyber-shot RX100 and Fujifilm X10. But Samsung EX2F has a 1/1.7-inch 12-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor.

Well everyone is aware of the fact that the size of the sensor has nothing to do with the camera’s performance but if we look back at the history it is known that the bigger the chip of the camera is, the better the quality of image will be. This is the only drawback which might give Samsung EX2F a tough time.

On the other hand, Samsung will likely fit the bill with its 12.4 megapixel 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor, display of 3-inch VGA-res AMOLED, absolute ISO setting of 12,800 and the F/1.4-2.7, 24-79mm lens, which is the most precious jewel in the crown. Samsung Ex2F’s magnesium alloy body, the latest micro-USB trigger cable and the external mic and flash completes the overall look of this exquisite smart camera.

As compared to the 2010 model TL500, EX2F is much lighter from the size and weight perspective. The footprint of the camera will not allow you to slip it in your pocket, but the flip-out AMOLED will definitely grab attention.

You will get instant access to key settings from the NX-like smart UI mode, which will help you to adjust the shooting modes easily. You cannot also ignore the special HDR mode which gives back-to-back shots with additional shadows and highlight elements.

It is observed that while powering on, focusing and capturing photos, the camera is quite responsive.

The features are expansive. But let’s see what kind of reviews the camera will receive during this summer.

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