How to Use Trail Cameras

A trail camera is used for plenty of purposes. The hunters use this to track wild animals. The scientists also take great help, when it comes to finding an animal for research. Apart from trailing animals, these cameras prove quite useful in daily routine.

In order to save money, one can use these low-cost cameras for security purposes. The easiest way to use a trail camera is to strap it with a tree or any other structure for days or weeks, and subsequently collect the data.

These cameras have proved very useful for security. If you have any security risks, you can hang one or more cameras at hidden places, and if any unfortunate incident takes place, you can catch the culprit by watching the footage afterwards. The trail camera carries its own battery that can last for weeks.

Things Required:

– Trail or scouting camera
– Memory card
– Batteries
– Laptop
– Memory card reader


  • 1

    First of all, purchase a good camera. If you need more than still pictures, get the one with the feature of shooting videos. Make sure the camera has the night-vision option, as it will help you get good videos even in the dark.

    If batteries are not available with the camera, get the appropriate ones. Usually, one needs 12-volt external batteries to get going.

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    After getting the camera, find an appropriate place to install the camera, from where you can get the required result. There are no hard and fast rules here, as you should place the camera according to your requirements.

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    When placing the camera, there are a few things to be taken care of. If you plan to check it daily, you can set the settings to the highest level. The camera as a result will shoot good quality video, and this will occupy a lot of space in the memory card.

    However, if you are placing it for a longer period of time, it is better to compromise on quality, because you cannot afford to miss the main event due to shortage of storage. Getting a card with larger capacity is another solution.

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    Set the camera in the right direction, and if required set it to motion sensor mode. This feature proves very useful, when capturing moving animals.

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    After placing the camera properly, wait for data collection. It is good to collect the data on regular basis. Remove the memory card, and insert it in the reader. Attach the card reader with your computer, and transfer all the data. Don’t forget to delete all the data on the card.

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