How to Cook Pasta in a Crock Pot

Pasta is a type of noodle which can be used in wide variety of cuisines. Mostly, the people cook pasta on a stove in boiling water. However, you can cook it by other methods as well. For instance, you can use a crock pot to cook pasta. The crock pot allows you to let the pasta cook on its own and you don’t have to babysit your dish until it is fully cooked. You will just have to put the pasta in the crock pot with all the ingredients along with some liquid or sauce.

Prep time: 30 min
Cook time: 60 min
Total time: 90 min
Yield: 3 servings
Utensils: Cups, Saucepan, Spoons, Frying pan, Crock pot, Bowls

Ground beef: 1 lb.
Spaghetti sauce: 1 jar
Pasta: 8 oz. uncooked
Parmesan cheese


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    Before doing anything else it is a good idea to carefully wash or clean your hands and work surface that you will be using to prepare this delightful recipe. Remember to also wash the ingredients, utensils and other items that you will need to put this recipe together. Always keep your kitchen work surface clean and free from bacteria to avoid any health issues later on.

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    Preheat your crock pot at a high temperature. Then, take a frying pan and put ground beef in it. Fry the beef in the frying pan until it becomes completely brown with no spot of pink colour in it. After that, drain the beef fat out of the frying pan. Take your time as you fry the beef as you will want it to be thoroughly cooked.

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    You have to place the fried ground beef in the crock pot. Now, add the spaghetti sauce into the crock pot. Do this carefully as you do not want to spill anything.

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    Then, you have to pour the pasta (uncooked) into the crock pot. Mix all the ingredients well and cook at a high heat for about an hour. While mixing make sure that you have a nice smooth texture with some consistency to it.

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    Take the pasta out of the crock pot and place it in a dish. You can sprinkle Parmesan cheese on it before serving. Remember it is entirely up to you as how you want to serve or garnish this fabulous dish. You can also experiment with different ingredients if you want to add your own personal twist to this delicious recipe. Your friends and family members will definitely enjoy this flavourful meal.

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