How to Cook With Freeze Dried Foods

If you are planning to backpack for a few weeks, then instead of worrying about carrying food boxes, which might go bad during your journey, you should look into freeze dried foods. These foods remain fresh until rehydrated, and are lightweight, making them easy to carry without any problems. All you need is a good supply of water which will be required to rehydrate the food before it is ready to serve.


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    Freeze dried foods cannot be cooked or used before rehydration which means you have to first take a large bowl which should have enough space to accommodate the dried food and water at the same time. Always remember to carry water with you, as you won’t be able to prepare this food without it.

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    Read the package for instructions regarding the temperature of the hot water needed to rehydrate the frozen food.

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    Boil the water in another bowl and pour it in the bowl containing the food. Do not be hasty and let the water reach boiling point as cold water will not work here.

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    You now have to wait and allow the food to absorb the water - this can take a few minutes. In the meantime, if you are carrying some fresh fruits or vegetables, you can chop them up and place them in a plate to eat with your tasty meal which is getting ready, soaked in hot water.

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    You now have to stir the food until it is saturated and returns to its original form. The original flavour of the food will return now.

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    Now leave the food for a while according to the instructions on the package. The situation varies with the foods, as there are some freeze dried foods which will be ready almost immediately after mixing with hot water; however, some require additional time to regain their texture before they can be consumed.

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    While some foods will not require cooking, others, like pork chops, need to be cooked after rehydration.

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