How to Cook With Large Smoker Grills

If you have just bought yourself a new smoker grill, then you may need to learn some basics about its usage. Smoker grills allows you to cook the food in two different ways. One method includes filling of the bottom interior with coal in order to use the whole cooking surface, especially when you have a huge crowd gathered at your place and have to feed them with hamburgers and steaks. On the other hand, if you want to cook your food slowly via smoking, then you can fill one side of the grill with coal and place the food on the other side.


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    Fill the bottom inside of the grill with coal. For this purpose, you will need to remove the cooking grates before placing coal and put them back after you are done. Put the coals on fire and wait for them to turn white.

    You will see a thin white ash layer forming on the outer surface. At that time, you should use wire grill brush to clean the grill grates.

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    Now place the food over the grates, such as 1/2-inch-thick beef steaks, marinated with your desired spice. You can rotate the meat by 45 degrees after 2 minutes in order to form cross-marks on it. Use tongs to turn around the meat pieces after three minutes and allow the other side to cook well for around 5 minutes. You can also use meat thermometer to test the inner temperature, which should be 145 degrees Centigrade.

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    Transfer the meat pieces to the serving plate and allow them to rest for around 1 minute, before cutting them into pieces.

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    If you want to cook the food using smoke, then you need to remove the grill grates and fill one half of the frill with coal and put them on fire.

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    Now take a metallic bowl and put 2 cups of wood chips, covered with water in it. Allow the chips to soak well while the coals burn down. You will use these chips to create smoke, by exposing them to fire.

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    Marinate the meat for smoking, as per your own taste. When the coals turn white, add wood chips to them. Place the grill grates and scrap clean them using grill brush. Apply a small amount of olive oil to the grate which is not placed directly over the file. It will allow the meat to avoid sticking with the grate.

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    Place the meat over the grate and close the lid over the half where coals and wood chips are placed. Adjust the vents to make the smoke pass through the meat. Change the angle of the meat every two hours.

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