How to Cope With Bleeding Ears

Inflammation in the ear occurs because of loud sound or noise trauma and it can cause damage to the eardrum, leading to sharp acute pain and blood trauma. Though such injury does not carry a risk of life and death, such complications may lead to a reduction or even loss of hearing.

Traditionally, ear pain is associated with young children. Bleeding from the ear can start after a strong blow, fall, after extraction of sulphuric cork or foreign matter due to rupture of the eardrum i.e. ruptured blood vessels. Therefore, we need to take necessary measures in case of bleeding.


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    In case of an injury, make sure that the flow of the blood mixed with liquor yellowish substance or a watery bloody fluid is in direction from the ear to the head. In this case, the slope of the head of the patient should be in the direction of damage. So, the blood could flow freely.

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    Cover the area with a sterile bandage or ear gauze bandage. If you can not immediately call the emergency services or take the victim to the Department of Traumatology, click on the artery located above the damaged area. Do not attempt to remove any objects coming along with the blood because this can increase the bleeding.

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    Apply a sterile dressing over the vessel with water bottle filled with very cold water. This will help you stop the bleeding temporarily. Keep in mind that it will take around 5-12 minutes to stop the bleeding.

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    Regardless of whether the bleeding has stopped, call a doctor as soon as possible. If the blood contains yellowish or greyish watery liquid, the patient requires emergency medical treatment as the condition could be life threatening.

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    Do not try to put drops of hydrogen peroxide or boric acid into the ear of the patient. If you are sure that the bleeding from the ear began after removing sulphur plugs, this may indicate that the surface vessels are damaged, which happens quite often. When removing plugs audiologist must give you advice on how to stop the bleeding and reduce inflammation.

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    Aloe juice can helps to regenerate inflict tissue of the ear. Add aloe leaf juice and kalanchoe in equal proportions in a pre-heated hot water. Pour 3-4 drops in the ear and cover the ear canal with a piece of warm wool.

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