How to Preserve Your Hearing

The sense of hearing should not be taken for granted at any stage of life. Meet a person who has a hearing loss and you will realise how important this sense is. A lot of us are lucky to have good hearing despite making our ears a subject to loud music, power tools, lawn mowers and air travel.

Such messy sounds usually don’t damage hearing at once, but a person with no ear protection could face serious consequences. One may loss hearing due to different reasons. The natural aging process affects the hearing to a great deal. Furthermore, any illness or medication could also trouble the ears. Unfortunately, the hearing loss that occurs due to such reasons stays forever.


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    First of all, you need to identify what sounds are dangerous for your ears. A lot of people usually don’t take traffic noise seriously, but it affects the hearing slowly but surely. Avoid dangerous levels of the noise in your environment.

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    Using an ear protection is a great idea. There are several kinds of protections available in the market these days, such as custom ear moulds and foam plugs. You must use ear protection, whenever going to a noisy place.

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    You cannot stop loud music in a party, because others around you enjoy it. In order to prevent the noise from affecting your hearing, create a distance between you and the speakers.

    Don’t stand directly in front of the noise. For this, you can use an angle for this. Stand an angel in order to stop the noise from hitting your ears directly.

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    You must not stay at a noisy place for a long period of time. If you are at a crowded party, you should take a break after every while. Leave the room for a few minutes and come back later.

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    When listening music through headphones, keep the volume level low or medium.

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    Visit your doctor at least once a year to get your hearing checked. Hearing loss is a very slow process. Therefore, you need to get your ears checked in order to see if there is any problem. Make sure you consult a professional doctor licensed by the state.

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    If you are facing hearing loss due to any reason, start medication as soon as possible. Use a medicine only after consulting a professional. Any experiment could make things even worse.

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