How to Fix an Earache at Home

Nothing can be more worse and painful experience than the sudden opening of eye at mid night due to earache, also known as otalgia. Additionally, an earache can be the result of flying sky-scraping altitude on a plane. In both cases, a severe earache might not be bearable for you until fixing an appointment with the ENT Specialist. Therefore, it is important for everyone to know, especially parents, about the various simple but effective ways to fix an earache at home. Anyone can suffer from this common issue anytime in any phase of life.  You cannot let earache go as it can extent to your head and jaws. Moreover, constant and severe earache can lead to major issue like deafness. Therefore, fix an earache as soon as possible.


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    Heat is good for an Earache

    Congestion and sinus pressure are one among the major reasons of earache. And, heat pacifies an earache due to these issues to great extend. Take a piece of cloth or a small soft towel and fold it properly, large enough to cover your ear. Now, hold it against heater for few minutes until warm and place it on your ear until cool. Repeat this simple methods few times until you notice decrease in your ear pain.

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    Warm Oil

    Warm oils help in breaking down the excess ear wax, relieving the earache. Lay down with the infected ear up and put few drops of warm oil into, using a clean ear dropper. Wait for few minutes until oil penetrates into your ear. Olive oil, castor oil, garlic oil, tree oil and coconut oils are the best options that you can consider.

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    Chewing is another simple idea to lessen some pressure caused by the severe earache. Chew gum or some raw fruits or vegetable slices.

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    Hold your Nose

    If your earache is a result of flying high on airplane, then you will have to treat it by holding your node. Use your index finger and thumb to hold your nose. Now, take in (inhale) as much oxygen as you can, using your mouth. Use your throat and cheeks’ muscles to force the taken in air right into the back of your nose and then release it gently through mouth. Repeat it few times until you get rid of the pain.

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