How to Remove Hair from Ears

In aging men ear hair has becomes a common problem we are not talking about those hairs which help in cleaning the ear wax and provides protection against pollen and airborne dirt, but these hair grow on the outside instead inside. Sometimes the inside hair also grows so excessively that it creates problem in hearing. This is why you should get your hair trimmed or shave them by using various products. You have to be very careful while removing these unwanted hairs because you are not able to see your ear properly due to which you might hurt your ear canal.


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    A very common way to remove hairs form your ear is through Manicure Scissors. With the help of manicure scissors you can trim them, but for this procedure you will need another person because it is really difficult for you to see whether you are doing the process properly or you might end up hurting yourself.

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    To remove the hair on the external portion you can make use of hot wax. With the help of hot wax you can easily get rid of this hassle by standing in front of the mirror. Take a good quality wax and remove it from your ear with the help of your finger, do not use the wax for the removal of internal hair.

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    Depilatory cream is another product which can be very helpful. Try buying a good quality depilatory cream and carefully follow the instructions mentioned so that you can avoid any sort of mishap. A depilatory cream can be used in the internal portion of the ear, but do not go far into the ear canal. This procedure also requires assistance you will not be able to do it alone.

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    Ear trimmers are also an ideal option for ear hair removal, but before you use them make sure the tip of the trimmer is clean or else your ear might get infected.

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    After removing the hairs wash it thoroughly with an antibacterial soap. You can also use a cotton bud to clear the area after removal.

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