How to Treat a Childs Ear Infection

Ear infections mostly occur due to cerumen impaction, and are a common problem with children. However, it is quite expensive to take the child to the doctor every time s/he shows symptoms of an ear infection. There are some  home remedies that you should try before taking your child to a doctor the next time s/he exhibits the symptoms of an ear infection.

Things Required:

– Towel
– Dropper
– Olive oil
– Garlic oil
– Hair dryer
– Rice
– Microwave


  • 1

    Towel soaked in warm water

    Towel soaked in warm water is very effective in relieving ear pain. Soak a clean towel in warm water and test it against your forehead to make sure it is not very hot. Use this damp towel as a warm compress on your child’s afflicted ear. However, make sure your kid is sitting upright when you are applying the compress, otherwise excess water from the towel may get into his/her ear, worsening the condition. This compress will temporarily relieve the pain.

  • 2

    Olive oil

    Warm a small amount of olive oil in a saucepan and fill it in an ear dropper. Apply a few drops of hot oil on your wrist to make sure it is not too hot. Put a few drops of warm olive oil into the afflicted ear of your child. This will give your kid temporary relief, but cannot be used as a treatment.

  • 3

    Garlic oil

    Buy a bottle of natural garlic oil at your local grocery. Have your child lay down with the affected ear facing the ceiling and put two drops into the ear. Put a piece of cotton in his ear for a few minutes to allow the oil to make its way to the eustachian tube in the ear.

  • 4

    Apply heat to the ear

    Apply heat to your child’s infected ear to loosen up the fluid retained in the ear and allow it to drain. Fill one cup of rice in a cloth bag and microwave it for 30 to 45 seconds. Lay your child on the bed with his afflicted ear against it. This is again a pain relieving therapy, but would not cure the infection.

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