How to Treat Stretched Earring Holes

Many females who love to wear dangling earrings sometimes also get in trouble as they suffer with stretched earring holes because of the weight of dangling earrings. Earrings are always fashionable and ladies usually do not go out in different functions without wearing the beautiful earrings. However, if you have found that your earrings have pulled down the tissues of your earlobe then you need to get a treatment without making it delay as it will continue stretching your earrings. However, you can take guidance from this article in order to treat your stretched earring holes.


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    First of all, you should immediately stop using long or dangling earrings when you see that it is causing stretching to your earring holes. Keep on wearing long or dangling earrings, especially when you see that your ear holes are getting stretched will be a dangerous thing.

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    However, if you still want to use earrings then use only those one that are light weight. But you are recommended to use studs when you feel your earring holes are getting stretched.

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    Earrings made of light materials always make you feel comfortable because they do not cause any sort of stretching and you do not feel the weight of these earrings as well.

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    Take a small piece of surgical tape and put it on the backside of your earlobe which will provide it a much required support and you will not feel any stretching while wearing earrings. It will also help in stopping further stretching of your earring holes.

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    Always try to avoid wearing it when you are brushing your hair because you may pull the earrings unconsciously which will cause you pain in your earlobe.

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    Make sure you have brushed your hair, if it is necessary, before using earrings which will not cause you any trouble at all.

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    Using heavy earrings along with having stretched holes of earlobes can cause greater damage and it will take more time in healing even after getting treatment from a professional.

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    If you have no choice but surgical treatment then make sure you select the best doctor who has extensive experience of doing surgical treatments. He will take care of everything during surgery and will reduce the size of your earring holes.

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