How to Treat Jaw Pain when Chewing

Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ is a condition which causes pain in the jaw joint that is in front of the ears. There are a number of reasons for pain in the jaw when chewing and usually multiple factors lead to this condition. A couple of techniques can help you treat jaw pain and get instant relief.


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    The start up procedure

    Put gentle pressure with the heels of your hands to moisten areas in your jaw, holding for at least half a minute and repeat several times each day. If the pain is bearable, you can slowly open and close your mouth as you put pressure to help relieve pain and force in the jaw.

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    Apply pressure on the jaw

    Use force to cure jaw pain. Nevertheless, prolonged deep massage is not normally advised as treatment for jaw pain, as the joint is very tender and deep work can result in more harm than good. Make sure you apply pressure that is not too much and do not exert the jaw if it looks to aggravate signs.

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    Stretching is important

    Stretch your shoulder and neck muscles from time to time, as dysfunction and less movement in the upper body can cause more stress on the jaw. When you go for a massage to cure jaw pain, remember that your therapist concentrates more on your shoulder and neck rather than the jaw itself. On the other hand, cranial sacral massage, acupuncture and relaxation techniques can all aid in reducing tension and help in easing the pain.

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    Go to the dentist

    Visit the dentist to check whether your jaw pain might be due to grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw while you are sleeping. Jaw pain is mostly the result of chewing and emotional tension. Relaxation and stress reduction techniques can usually help to control night time grinding.

    Moreover, your dentist can treat you with other treatment techniques as well. Inquire your dentist about other possible reasons of jaw pain like abscessed molars, exaggerated under or over bite or impacted wisdom teeth. In order to treat jaw pain you just have to seek dental treatment. That will take care of the jaw problem itself.

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    Avoid chewing gum

    Try to rest your jaw and do not chew gum, as the consistent movement of your jaw muscles will only hamper the problem. Chewing gum daily mostly causes the pain in the jaw, and you should just stop this habit of yours.

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