How to Gauge Your Ears with Tapers

Piercing ears is a sign of fashion for some individuals. People may even opt for multiple piercing in order to wear many accessories at one time. Some of the accessories can be larger than the size of the piercing hole and for this purpose, the person needs to gauge or stretch their ears. Tapers are cones which are used for stretching the ears for wearing accessories larger than the normal piercing hole.


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    First of all you need to wash your hands, the large earrings and the taper thoroughly in warm and soapy water. Remember to make sure that all soap is removed after washing. You need to rinse through the taper and the new earrings.

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    Clean ear hole

    You need to remove the earring you are wearing and then clean the ear hole. You can use soap with hot water or alcohol in order to clean the ear hole.

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    Apply lubricating jelly on taper

    After cleaning the ear hole, you need to apply the lubricating jelly on the taper. This will prevent the risk of pain while stretching your ear.

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    Insert the paper

    Next you need to insert the tip of the taper into the ear hole. Remember to put the tip of the taper inside the ear hole from the front. Gradually pull down to widen the ear hole.

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    Apply the taper

    After inserting the tip, you need to push the taper inside the ear smoothly. Continue pushing the taper until you can see only 0.5 inch from the front side. Remember that you will feel pain and discomfort during this process.

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    Wear the new earrings

    Next you need to queue up the new earrings with the taper. Remember to apply lubricating jelly on the new earrings before lining it up. Then push the rest of the taper with pressure so the earrings also follow the taper and through the ear hole. After this, the new earrings will be in your ear holes and the taper will be out.

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    Remove the lubricating jelly

    In the end, you need to wipe out the earrings in order to get rid of any residual lubricating jelly. Wear the new earrings regularly in order to permanently gauge your ears.

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