How to Treat Tinnitus after a Concert

If you just went to a concert and were lucky to be in the front then there is a good chance that the loud music gave you Tinnitus. This condition is basically associated with a ringing sound in the ears that can last for several days or even weeks. Although it is best to visit a doctor if you feel that you have Tinnitus, there are a few easy things that you can do to treat this condition and hopefully start hearing things clearly again.

Things Required:

– Noise cancellation headphones


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    Avoid noise

    Try to avoid any type of noise as your ears can only take so much. Try to find a nice quiet place to work or relax in. Your ears will begin to get better in less noisy areas. You should also avoid driving with the windows down or walking around public places where there are loud buses and traffic. Buy some noise cancellation headphones and wear them throughout the day. However, make sure that you can hear people around you in case of an emergency.

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    Change diet

    You should start eating healthy and give up smoking, alcohol and other harmful habits. This can work wonders for helping your ears get better from Tinnitus. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables as often as possible. You should also change your entire dietary plan and remember to stick to it if you want to see any benefits.

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    Since you will be changing your diet it is also a good idea to develop a new workout plan as well. Start slow and gradually build on your exercise plan. Staying healthy will help you overcome your Tinnitus and make you feel a lot better.

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    Alternative therapies

    There are many new alternative therapies that you can try to help treat your Tinnitus. These include herbal medicines, vitamin therapy and other natural treatments. You may want to meet with an expert in alternative therapies to help you decide which one is best for your condition. The internet is also a good resource for alternative therapies.

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    Visit doctor

    If your eyes are still ringing for at least a week or more after a concert then it is best to visit an ear nose and throat specialist. He or she can examine your ears and recommend the best possible treatment plan for you. There are many medications that your doctor can prescribe to help reduce any pain that you might be suffering in your ears.

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