How to Get Rid Of An Ear Infection

Normally when you are feeling some pain in any part of the body, it is advised to take some rest. There is no doubt that resting your body results in relieving a number of strains. However, there are some pains that do not even let you sleep and you just want to get rid of them at any cost and in lesser time. One such pain is ear infection that makes it uneasy for you to even rest your head on the pillow and make you feel restless all the time. Although the ear infections take some time to heel but there are ways to get rid of an ear infection rather conveniently.


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    Ear Cleaning

    If you clean the outer ear and ear canal to allow drainage of any infectious substance inside your ear, then it will provide you some relief. It is advised not to do it without the doctor’s advice and it is even better if you have a doctor do the cleaning to avoid any further harm.

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    Heat Therapy

    Putting a warm heated pad on the ear allows the glands produce more wax that results in providing you some relief from the earache. The applied heat actually allows more blood flow through the veins and capillaries around ear, thus allowing white blood cells get to the infected area and eliminate infection.

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    In case of some other serious ear infections, using antibiotics both topical and oral can provide you relief from earache by fighting the infection, as they stop swelling and itching of the ear.

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    Pain Killers

    Using Pain Killers is the last thing that you will be doing to have an instant relief from the earache. However, it is advised to avoid self-medication and consult the doctor if you have any other complications.

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    Water Contamination

    As you take shower or have your face washed, make sure that you do not let the water enter in your ear. This will deteriorate the infection even more and result in an increased ear pain.

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