How to Re-Pierce an Ear

Getting your ears pierced can be a painful experience for most people. Often, as the charm wears off, many piercings, especially those done in the ear, tend to close after a certain period of time. If you are not careful, it becomes almost impossible to wear any type of earrings. In this case, it is best to get your ears re-pierced as this the most effective way to ensure that the piercing reopens properly. In order to re-pierce your ears, check out these simple instructions to help you do it safely and hopefully without any pain.

Things Required:

– Sterile Needle
– Stud type earrings
– Ice cube or numbing cream


  • 1

    Locate your spot

    The most important thing is to locate the spot which has been filled and you want to get it re-pierced. Note that if you do not use earrings for a long time, there is a high probability that the hole is going to be closed. However, the duration of this process is not defined as it varies from person to person. Therefore, you must locate the spot where you want to re-pierce your ears. For this, you can closely look for the scars on your ears as the piercing leaves some dark spots. However, it is entirely up to you if you want to get piercing at the same spot or at a different one.

  • 2

    Choose store

    After you have determined the spot you want to get re-pierced, you must look for a decent store that has a jewellery section. Most major department stores have a jewellery section or you can find many smaller stores that carry earrings and other accessories as a nice place to re-pierce your ears. You can also use a specialty piercing shop as they have all the tools that you will need to re-pierce your ears.

  • 3

    Select jewellery

    Now, you must select the jewellery that you wish to wear after getting your ears re-pierced. Note that your options for the jewellery will be limited because of the type of piercing you get. Thus, it is important that you should choose jewellery that will fit the piercing properly.

  • 4

    Take care of piercings

    It is very important that you take care of your piercings and make sure that they do not close again.

  • 5

    Do it yourself

    You can easily re-pierce your ears by using a sterile needle and either an ice-cube or numbing cream. This is not recommended for those that cannot handle a little pain. You can also use sharp "stud" type earrings to re-pierce your ears. Remember the ice-cube or numbing cream should be put on your ear at least ten minutes before you try this step.

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