How to Treat Sudden Hearing Loss

People can suffer sudden hearing loss for no reason. If a person loses hearing ability of up to 30 decibels at least in three adjoining frequencies, it is termed that the person has suffered a sudden hearing loss. In many cases it can be a tinnitus, in which the person just hears a ringing in the ear but cannot hear. In some cases it is vertigo. Sometimes it is hearing loss in one ear but some time it is loss of hearing in both hears. Sudden hearing loss can be treated through some solutions, provided it is not too serious problem.


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    It is one of the most accepted treatments of sudden hearing loss in people. Many studies have proven it the most effective method of quick treatment of hearing loss. The person should get the remedy within 72 hours of the suffering, and if the problem continues then it could be a serious issue that needs some other solutions.

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    A high dose of prednisone has also proven to be an effective solution for sudden hearing loss. Many studies have backed it to be a solution provided it is taken within hours of suffering the loss, and generally a high dose is recommended.

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    Sometimes antivirals also work effective in treatment of sudden hearing loss, provided the problem is not too serious. The problems like infections can be treated with some antivirals solutions but it is probably the simplest solution and may not be effective if sudden hearing loss is due to any particular problem.

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    Vasodilators or Hyperbaric Chambers

    Although this solution has not been backed as an effective solution all the times, in some serious cases it has worked well. For example, if the person is a heavy smoker, this solution is administered with steroids and has worked well in hearing impairment. However, it is administered only in some serious cases, and generally is not recommended for every patient.

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    Natural Recovery

    In some cases it has been proven that hearing of a person returns through natural course of time, particularly if it is due to an infection. Some people can lose hearing in one or both ears during an illness, but that returns to normal after the illness is treated.

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