How to Get Water out of Ears after Swimming

Often, water gets trapped in your ear after swimming and can stay there for days, irritating you every single second. Some people just wait until the water dries itself while others visit a doctor right away. However, getting water out of your ear can be fairly easy if you know the right way to do it.

Things Required:

– Towel
– Rubbing alcohol
– Eye dropper


  • 1

    First you need to completely dry your ear with a clean dry towel. Make sure there in so water remaining in or around the ear pinna. This way, when the water trapped in your ear comes out, you will know. With the ear in which water was trapped facing the ground, tilt you neck as much as you can.

  • 2

    Keeping the affected ear towards the ground, pull firmly at the affected earlobe downwards. This will create more space in the outer ear canal making it easier for the water to get out. Since the affected ear is facing downwards, the force of gravity will create additional downwards force on the trapped water, assisting in its removal. A number of pulls at the earlobe will remove majority of water in the ear. When you are feeling more comfortable, wipe dry the removed water with a clean towel.

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    Chances are that some water particles may still be remaining in the ear canal. Although you will be feeling much better than before, but to completely free yourself from that uncomfortable feeling, you must get rid of any remaining water particles trapped in the ear canal.

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    In an eye dropper, draw some rubbing alcohol. Facing the affected ear side upwards, lie down on a flat surface and drop three to four drops rubbing alcohol from the eye dropper. Rubbing alcohol vaporises in a few minutes and vaporise any water particles remaining in the ear with it. Approximately ten to fifteen minutes will be good enough for the rubbing alcohol to do the trick properly. You should end up feeling comfortable once again.

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