How to Clean a Canine Ear Canal

Dogs’ ear is pale pink with no odour. It is normal to have little wax around the ear or on the outer side of ear canal. Caring dog owners look after their canine in every way i.e. keeping them clean and tidy all the time. Most people tend to skip the part of cleaning dog’s ear maybe because they are not visible. This is the reason many dogs, especially those with big ears suffer infections. Their ear canals may get hot, inflamed and filled up with smelly gooey stuff. When you touch the ear, your dog may groan or your dog may consistently move his head or scratch his ears. The ear infections may even lead to hearing loss and thus the dog owners should look after this. They need to follow simple instructions and require few products in order to clean the ear canal.

Things Required:

– Ear cleaning solution
– Eyedropper
– Cotton swabs or pads


  • 1

    Smell the dogs’ ears

    In order to find out your dog needs an ear cleaning, you need to smell his ears. Usually dogs with ear infections have smelly ears. Remember that you may even smell your dog if the dog is present in same room in case his ears are messy or infected.

  • 2

    Look out for gunk in the dogs’ ears

    Your dogs’ ears should be pink and with few or no greasy particles. In case they have a lot of waste and greasy deposit in their ears, you need to clean it by an ear cleaner with alcohol base. You can also add white vinegar with warm water in a 1:1 to clean the dogs’ ears. However, avoid this if your dog has sores in his ears.

  • 3

    Clean when the dog is calm

    You should clean your canine’s ear canals when he is calm or relaxed. The cleaning process usually does not hurt but it may irritate the dogs which has sores in their ears.

  • 4

    Use a dropper

    You can put the ear cleaning solution in a dropper and then pour it into your dogs’ ears. Remember that it should go in the ear canal and you need to hold your dog firmly.

  • 5

    Use cotton ball

    In order to wipe out the gunk or the gooey waste inside the dogs’ ears, you can use a cotton ball or pad. You can clean the outer portion of ear canal as well with the cotton ball.

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