How to Fix Inner Ear Problems

Among the five most sensitive organs, ear is the most sensitive one in our body and is divided into three parts, the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. The concerned inner ear comprises of three parts, cochlea, semicircular canals and auditory nerves which means that any problems with the inner ear can result in hearing and balancing ability.

Most of the inner ear problems are cause due to bacterial, viral or fungal infections which result in the ear’s inflammation and pain. In the worst case scenario, benign tumours might even grow in the ear canal which connects this organ to the brain. Apart from these issues, there are a few disorders that develop at birth or later on like the Meniere’s disease, tinnitus and other ear tube or vestibular system problems. These disorders can cause loss of hearing, ear pain, ringing, vertigo, dizziness, fatigue slurred speech, jumping vision and other issues.


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    If you feel that there is some sort of problem with your inner ear, you should consult an ENT specialist who will diagnose the problem by checking your ear with an otoscope that will show inflammation and infection inside your ears. Although most of the ear problems are treated medically but some home remedies are also considered to be active cures.

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    Placing a warm washcloth or a heated pad over the infected ear will help in allaying your pain. However, if the condition does not improve after this procedure, some antibiotics prescribed by your specialist may do the trick. The doctor might also recommend you to undergo a minor surgery for this.

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    The VRT or Vestibular rehabilitation therapy is very effective against vertigo. This therapy is combined of a few exercises for the head and body which help the patient overcome the feeling of vertigo.

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    If there is some bacterial infection, antibiotics are very helpful. One of the most common pain reliever is Acetaminophen.

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    In order to avoid any inner ear problem, try keeping tabs on your blood pressure. Eat food that’s low on sodium and enriched with vitamins and minerals.

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    Try not to consume too much alcohol, nicotine and salt.

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    Yoga, meditation and exercises are very effective for people suffering with inner ear disorders. Acupuncture techniques also help a lot.

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    Some traditional herbs like ginkgo biloba and lemon bioflavonoids also help in curing ear infections but there effect might not be that complete in the strictest of senses.

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