How to Get Rid Of Ear Congestion Fast

Ear congestion can be very frustrating and annoying and can become the cause of a sinus infection resulting in hearing difficulty and slight ringing in ears. Congestion often affects both ears but it is something you can get rid of quite easily using a few simple techniques.


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    Mucus in the ear is a major cause of congestion. Breaking up mucus accumulated in the ear is the first step towards getting rid of ear congestion. Buy an over-the-counter decongestant from a pharmacy. Read the usage directions written on the box and pour a few drops of decongestant in your ear to loosen mucus.

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    Steam can be helpful to get rid of ear congestion. Fill the bathroom with lots of steam. Sit in the steam filled bathroom for at least thirty minutes. Steam will relax and loosen the ear muscles helping to cure ear congestion. Alternatively, you can place a hot towel against your ear.

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    Ear wax is a major factor contributing to ear congestion. To loosen ear wax, buy over-the-counter ear drops and pour a few drops in the affected ear. The liquid will loosen ear wax. Wait for at least five minutes before draining out the mixture.

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    If the air inside your room and house is too dry, it may cause ear congestion. Use a humidifier in order to moisten the air in your house. This can prove to be an effective step towards getting rid of ear congestion.

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    Regularly chewing gum is another technique which can be employed to get rid of ear congestion. When you chew gum, it puts strain on the muscles surrounding the ear canal causing the muscles to contract. When the strain is released, the muscles come back to their normal position. This contraction and relaxation of the ear muscles prevents ear congestion.

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    Allergies can also cause ear congestion. Remember to take the proper medication to prevent allergies. Keep the house ducts free from dust by getting them cleaned at least once every year. During allergy season, never leave the doors or windows of your house open.

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