How to Ease Earache Pain

Ear infections can cause serious earaches. Most people remember the earaches they faced during their childhood, and they do know the anxiety of dealing with such aches, and these types of aches are most common among children, however, adults get to feel the agony every now and then as well. Therefore, one should know the ways by which they can cure or at least, ease the earaches. Most of the times, earaches occur due to an infection. But, they can also occur right after you take an antibiotic. Whatever the case is, the pain can really be extensive and can really bother you. Usually, ear infections do not last more than three days. Yet, if you find pus or blood coming out of your ear during the infection, you should seriously think about consulting with an ENT specialist.


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    You can visit a nearby medical store and ask for any over-the-counter pain reliever.  Ibuprofen or acetaminophen is commonly available medicines, which you can use to ease earache. Make sure you strictly follow the instructions mentioned on the label of the medicine you buy. You should not exceed the indicated amount, as your body can respond in a negative manner to the excess amount taken.

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    You can also ask for the over-the-counter eardrops that are intended for earaches. You can also place two drops of olive oil in your ear, which can help in relieving pain. Make sure your ear drum is not ruptured. In that case, you should visit the doctor.

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    Take a towel and soak it in hot water. Squeeze the water from the towel and make sure the towel is not too hot. Place the damp area of the towel over the affected ear. It will help in easing the pain.

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    Sometimes, chewing gum also helps in relieving earaches, as it reduces the pressure from the affected ear.

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    Take one tablespoon of sesame oil and add one clove of garlic in it. You can put the oil and clove on the spoon and place it over the fire. Remove the spoon from the fire right after you feel that it’s hot. Now, you can place three to four drops of the oil in your affected ear. Lie down and keep your affected ear up for around 10 minutes, which will allow the oil to work properly. You will feel some ease in the earache at the end.

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