How to Treat a Middle-Ear Infection

A middle-ear infection can be caused by several reasons, with each one requiring a different remedy. Commonly, these infections are ear drum related. Before you decide on selecting a particular remedy for your current ear infection you must make sure that the solution you have chosen is the right one for it. People often tend to take these infections lightly, expecting that it would get better with time. However, what they don’t realize that ear-drum is a very fragile membrane whose damage can result in hearing loss. Therefore, it must be taken seriously.


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    The pain in your ear can be a result of excessive smoking. The nicotine and tar is responsible for clogging the Eustachian tubes, also known as the ear canal. Smoking is known to have caused several medical disorders. Whether it may be active or passive, one should try to refrain from either of them both.

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    If you’re having a feeling of intense pain and there’s nothing you can do about it at that very particular moment, then you should consider taking some painkillers. Although painkiller medicines tend to lessen the feeling of pain, they’re not a remedy for the reason that’s inflicting it.

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    Clean the wax out of your ear. If you haven’t been hygienic in case of your ear, then it’s about time that you should take a serious note of it. Middle ear problems can also be caused due to the clogging of the Eustachian tube due to wax. Clean the drainage from your ear using cotton buds. If the drainage is thick and yellow as well as giving out a foul smell, then it means that you might have a ruptured ear drum. In case of minor ruptures, the ear drum will heal itself in about 3 to 4 weeks. Make sure that you don’t stick the cotton bud too deep in your ear as it may damage the ear drum itself.

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    Antibiotics are also well-known remedies for middle ear infection. These infections are mostly caused by fungi or different kinds of bacteria. The most common antibiotic medication for this condition is amoxicillin. It is better that you consult a doctor before you decide to start any medication by yourself. Don’t forget to read the warnings about the antibiotic before you use it.

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    Consult a doctor if you’re ear problems persists. It’s better to consult a professional physician to sort out this problem in case you decide to take some medication for your middle ear infection.

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