How to Treat a Cold Weather Earache

Earaches can be very painful and there can be innumerable reasons for the pain. This may be because of an infection or because of exposing your ears to extremely cold temperatures. You do not need to visit the doctor every time you get the pain and there are ways through which you can treat the earache at home. The pain can be relieved by providing heat to the affected ear with the help of a hot water bottle or microwave gel packs. You can also take necessary medication to relieve the pain in your ear.


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    Block the cold

    You must add some warmth to your ear in case of pain. The best way to get quick relief would be to place a hot water bottle on your ear. This will ease the pain somewhat from your ear. You can also use microwave gel packs in this case as they will also add warmth to your ear in case of pain. Keeping your ears warm for a considerable period after coming back from cold weather will cure the pain.

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    Take the necessary medication

    There are many medicines in the market which will relieve the pain in your ear. You can ask for any painkillers that will treat the problem and will help in reducing the pain. However, do not use any medicines without consultation from the doctor. You may ask the doctor and take the particular medicines that he suggests.

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    Avoid cold temperature

    You need to avoid cold temperatures and take good care by covering your ears all the time. Use mufflers, caps or hoods to prevent any cold hitting your ears. A good way would be to wear a scarf with a muffler. This will prevent any cold coming close to your ears and will keep them warm at all times.

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    Visit your doctor

    If you are unable to get rid of the pain by any of the above mentioned procedures, take no time in visiting the doctor. A failure to do that may result in an increase in pain which you certainly would not want. There may be some other problem which you may not be able to figure out so get a thorough check of the affected area.

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