How to Drain Liquid From Behind the Ear Drum

Fluid accumulation behind the eardrum can cause remarkable discomfort. This situation is especially discomforting, as it happens most often in kids and can even impact their sense of hearing as well. Furthermore, the depleting of liquid from the ear can be challenging to accomplish. Luckily, some therapies can aid in removing the fluid to help reduce the discomfort.


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    Consider seeing your physician as soon as you start feeling the pain. You might think the fluid in the ear is due to a disease, but your physician will need to validate your doubts. Usually, the physician will suggest medications if there is an infection in your ear. A complete round of medications will treat the disease and may help the fluid strain as well.

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    Wait it out if ear discomfort is insignificant. Most fluid accumulation behind the eardrum will drain out fully on its own eventually. Doctors often suggest ongoing observation by the mother or father when their kids have liquid in their ears and suggest them to have the ear re-examined in their workplace regularly. Consider using antibiotics if the pain is unbearable. However, never give aspirin to kids.

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    Consider placing a tube inside the kid's ear if he experiences repeated attacks and fluid in his ears. This is an extremely easy task to make a small incision into the ear drum. Fluid from behind the ear drum is removed and then a "tube" consisting of plastic or metal material fits into the opening. Hearing often boosts after this process for kids who have been long struggling with ear fluid.

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    Try natural therapies to drain ear fluid should medications fall short and if you are not agreeable to having tubes placed. A lot of people believe that a water container placed against the ear for a prolonged period of time can help remove fluid from the ear.

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    Consult a chiropractic specialist in case of complications. Some chiropractic professionals are known to claim that they drain fluid from the ear by adjusting the smooth palate carefully to help the Eustachian pipe. Others also evaluate the kid's throat looking for inappropriate positioning, which they then attempt to correct. These realignments are known to aid in ear fluid removal and drainage. Do not try and perform these therapies on your own as you can damage the ear drum or cause some other kind of injury.

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